How to Hire a Plumber: 5 Crucial Things to Consider

Every home will encounter a clogged drain or broken pipe from time to time. We can attempt to fix plumbing problems around the house but we can often make the problems worse. Instead, be safe and hire a professional plumber without proper training. If it’s your first time hiring a plumber, you might be uncertain about the things to look for when hiring one.

At Advantage Plumbing we have worked with many plumbers and have come up with the following five points that are crucial to consider when hiring one. It’s important to carefully select the right plumber because they will be entering your home and working on projects that can have a massive effect on your living situation. Read on and bookmark this article before hiring a plumber.


Factor in Location

Typically plumbers are called in for emergency situations like when there’s an overflowing toilet or a leak. It’s common sense to seek a plumber who lives locally to you. Each state has its own licenses and set of rules regarding the scope of work that plumbers can do. A local plumber would have the right licenses and understand the local council rules. You’ll also incur less travel cost if they are nearby.


Consider the location of your plumber for emergencies


Take Note of the Type of Work You Need Done


Plumbers are hired to do a variety of jobs such as repair pipes, install bathroom fixtures, remove clogs and more. However, not all plumbers are trained to do every job.

General plumbers are those who can solve basic issues such as a clog or a leak. Specialized plumbers are those who have certifications in more technical plumbing-related problems such as gas fitting and equipment repairs. Plumbers also need a license to work on new homes. These plumbers have a background when it comes to installing new equipment and reading blueprints of how the whole home works.

Some brands and manufacturers have specific requirements regarding the installation and repair of their equipment. They may often supply their own repairers. You can check by calling the company directly as these plumbers are trained and will know the right way to handle the equipment.

Clearly state what type of plumbing work you need


Check for License, Registration and Qualifications

Make sure that the plumber or company you hire is licensed, qualified and insured. Any legitimate Australian business should have an ABN number. This means that their business is registered and properly identified by the government and the business community. The ABN number is used for invoices, tax purposes and other business-related transactions. If the company you’re looking to hire doesn’t have one, cross them off your list.

When hiring a plumber, check if they are the proper Public Liability and/or Business Insurance. This will cover costs associated with any property or personal damage that may occur during the project or if anything is lost or stolen while the technicians are on the job.


How to hire a plumber - licenses

Plumbers need to undergo the proper training and obtain certifications in Australia. They would need to complete 4 years of apprenticeship with a company sourced through the Australian Network Provider in their local area. They also need to earn a Certificate III in Plumbing (CPC32413), which is a nationally accredited qualification. Plumbers can obtain further training or specialization by working towards a Diploma of Plumbing and Services (CPC50408), which is for specialist and senior plumbers. These qualifications can be earned at a local TAFE.

By law, plumbers need an updated trade license to operate their business. Plumbers are licensed by the state, so a plumber who holds a license in New South Wales cannot operate a business in Queensland. Licenses for plumbing are also very specific and given out depending on the job type. There are licenses for gas installations, drains, water plumbing, roof plumbing and more. While it may be taxing, it’ll be worth the effort to check these to ensure the job is done right.


Check Customer Reviews and Ask for References

Customer reviews will gauge whether or not to hire the business when hiring a plumber. Reading through customer reviews will give you peace of mind knowing that the business has already worked with previous clients and they have provided vital feedback to help you make a decision to hire them or not.


laptop image that says online reviews

Ask the business for references because they’ll give an inside look as to what to expect if you hire them. References are also powerful ways to gauge another person’s experience with the business like if they showed up early, had good customer skills and other information we’d like to know before hiring a plumber.

On Advantage Plumbing, ratings and reviews are featured for listed businesses to give you ample information when deciding on a business to work with. List a job request and receive quotes from our licensed, insured, local plumbers today.


Consider Cost

The price of the service is one of the key things to keep in mind when hiring a plumber because there are numerous factors that affect the cost. Discuss the job details and price before work starts and have this written down or outlined in a document to avoid surprise charges.

Costs for plumbing are dependent on factors such as time of day, nature of work, cost of materials, and rate structure. Emergency plumbing situations in the middle of the night or after work hours will incur premium fees because the work is completed outside of regular business hours.


How to Hire a Plumber - Consider Cost

Specialized plumbing services such as gas fitting or repairing complicated plumbing systems will cost more too. This is because plumbers will require more certifications in order to do more specialized work. Plumbers also include material costs in their quote. These include fixtures, pipes and other items. Lastly, plumbers can charge per job or at an hourly rate. Prepare your home for when the plumber arrives to avoid having them wait and be idle.

We suggest getting multiple quotes from different businesses to get a better idea of what is a fair price. Don’t get tricked by companies who may overcharge. Be sure to request a breakdown of costs within the quote such as material, equipment and transportation costs.

A Good Plumber Coming Your Way

Take note of these 5 crucial factors when looking to hire a plumber. We all want to have peace of mind when having our pipes fixed or plumbing installed.

It can take a lot of time to find a plumber who is perfect for your needs. Luckily, there’s an easy way to hire good plumbers near you. Simply click here to find a reliable plumber on Advantage Plumbing.